Tuesday, August 24, 2010


They went down on their knees together during this year's Groove awards at KICC. They've gone on stage countless times and wowed the crowd for the past one year. But now they are no more.....wont even stand the sight of each other. This is Daddy Owen, the King of Kapungala and Alan Aron, the Mukorino singer with a swagger. Trouble started less than a month ago, after the Nibebe Tour held in Nakuru in July. They went on stage and performed their hit collabo 'Kiriro', but that was the last time they two went on stage together. Two Sundays ago, on August 15, things took a different turn during the Nibebe-Nyeri tour. Their differences over the song 'Kiriro' had gone to the climax. According to very close sources, Alan claims the sole rights of the song, while Owen claims he actually financed the whole 'Kiriro' project, from recording the track to the shooting of the video. Owen seems to be making a kill out of the song while Alan, the original composer, is still struggling to mint anything out of it.
So what happened in Nyeri?
The show was to start from 1pm to 6pm, which it did. Alan was backstage at 1pm sharp, and requested to sing early enough, together with the curtain-raisers, something that surprised the organisers. He was the fourth artiste to go on stage after Loise Kim and Ben Githae and a couple of other Nyeri-based artistes. On stage, he only performed 'Wemutheru' and 'Kiriro' and after that, he was out of Nyeri 20 minutes later. Owen on the other side, accompanied by Danco, came to the venue at 5pm, straight from Nairobi. When he went on stage, Owen and Danco only performed 'System ya Kapungala' and 'Tobina'. They never touched 'Kiriro', even when the fans requested for it. In a normal performance, Alan would go on stage first and get off, then when Owen's turn comes, he would perform 'System ya Kapungala', then invite Alan and sing 'Kiriro' together, and he finally finishes with 'Tobina'. And this happened in Nakuru, but not Nyeri.
The same scenario played at Safaricom Face-off concert last weekend, held in Nairobi's KICC. This time, Owen had a better excuse of coming to the event late; he was down with chicken pox.
The can of worms in gospel industry have began......watch this space for the juiciest of them all.


CMB Prezzo, the self-proclaimed King of Bling, is not going down, at least not yet. Last Saturday, he decided to give his security detail to Bongo musicians AY and Mwana FA, who were accompanied by their country manager Maleek Buddy and Fundi Frank. As they attended the Safaricom Face-Off concert at KICC, the four were heavily guarded with Prezzo's chief security, Oti, leading the team. They were later spotted at different nightspots in Hurlingham and Westlands. Prezzo, too, joined the team later in the evening.


Hypeman-cum-musician-cum-event organiser-cum-radio and TV presenter, DNG, is going places. Together with hundreds of other students from all over Africa, DNG was among the graduands at the United States International University (USIU) last Saturday. He graduated with a degree in International Business Administration. "I'm a very happy man now and since I've been working hard in my other careers, I will make good use of my degree too," he said. DNG is a presenter at Kiss FM, a TV host at Kiss TV, a popular musician, hypeman and the owner of 254 Entertainment, an event organising company. A Kora award winner, DNG made entertainment headlines when he made the big switch from gospel to secular about three years ago.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Now we know what happens to the black Hummer, owned by Classic 105 breakfast presenter Maina Kageni, every time he's away. He leaves it behind to two people, Churchill and Shaffie Weru! And yes, they make good use of it. Two weekends ago, Churchill made an entrance with the tough car at Nibebe Tour in Nyeri, carrying fellow MC, Alemba of System Unit, and Wazee Wetu of 'Sudu' fame song. Last weekend, Kiss FM presenter had it and was doing rounds all over Nairobi's night spots. On board was Mwana FA and AY. Shaffie's Mercedes ML 500 was with his babymama Debbie Asila, hanging out at Club Galileos with Shinde, a club Shaffie stayed out of bounds the entire night.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Churchill on stage at the Carnivore

NTV will have another opportunity to air the hit comedy show Churchill Live-Season 2, starting next month. The show will be recorded in a mega dome at the Carnivore grounds, which can hold about 2,000 people as live audience. Bob Nyanja will still produce the show and Safaricom is the title sponsor this time round. Stay tuned.


Gospel musician Ringtone is about to auction his Toyota Celica for a charity purpose. The former street kid, popularly known for his hit 'Pamela', will announce soon the date when the auction will be done to the highest bidder.
"The sports car is being souped up again but the day it will be finished will determine the auction day," said Ringtone, who now drives a four-wheel-drive Nissan Patrol. He plans to buy land with the money and develop a talent centre, which will have a fully-equipped studio, voice-training centre and music instruments school, all targeting the talented but less fortunate youths. "I made it through hardships and this is my time to give back. I hope I can be able to make more less-fortunate youths realise their dreams," he said. The auction day will be marked with a big concert, he says, all proceeds going towards the establishment of the centre.


Bongo Flava's finest stars, AY and Mwana FA, will be jetting in on Friday morning for the Safaricom Face-Off concert on Saturday. According to their country manager, Maleek Buddy, the two artistes will be coming from a series of shows in Tanzania and parts of Europe. They will also be officially launching their new collabo, "Usije Mjini", which is already a big hit in Tanzania, continued Buddy. It is also rumored that Buddy has managed to get Ray C a chance to perform in the Face-Off concert. Ray C is still in the country, Buddy confirmed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Bongo musician Ray C drama is far from over. She has now redirected her heat to Cellulant, accusing them of selling her ringtones, yet she has never been paid. Ray C's Kenyan manager, Maleek Buddy,is currently holding talks with the management of Cellulant as the drama with Sadat and Maliza Umaskini continues. Buddy has also landed Ray C a deal to perform in next weekend's Safaricom Face Off show at KICC.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Promoter-cum-politician Sadat has defended his move to cancel Ray C's Kenyan tour. According to Sadat, he was not happy with the way Ray C conducted herself from the airport to Club Summit in Nakuru. "She was under influence and I actually saved her from embarrassing herself on stage. She was almost taking all her clothes off on stage," said Sadat. He has also denied rumors that he wanted to sleep with Ray C.
"I didn't send her any suggestive messages as she claims. If I had any problem, why did I pay for her boyfriend's air ticket to Nairobi?" he asks. Meanwhile, Sadat has canceled Ray C's and her boyfie's tickets back to Dar, that means they have to pay their own air tickets.